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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

- The website is asking for me to log in to checkout?

You do not need to log in to checkout, if you look to the left of the log in section, you have to options.  You can checkout as a guest if you want to just skip ahead and checkout right away.  If you have no log in info and want, you can choose to register from that page and create an online account.  This will get you a password which can be used in future orders.  The benefits of registering is that you can store all your address info in our system so that you quickly checkout in future orders without having to fill out this information.  But it's completely optional and remember that you can always just choose to checkout as guest option.

- I can't log in to my online account, what's going on?

Make sure you have actually registered on this site for an account.  Even if you have ordered from us in the past, does not mean you have an online account set up for the website.  You also do not need to make an account if you don't wan't to, as when you checkout you can choose to checkout as a "guest".  Also make sure to note, the VIP page access passwords are totally different from the website account info so you will need to use a different username and password to access either one.  If you registered and forgot your password, simply select the "Forgot your Password?" link and enter the email address you registered with to recover your password.  Do not call us, as we can not access your passwords.  If that does not work, you will need to simply create a new account when checking out.

- What is your order minimum?

Wholesale order minimums are $130 combined total before shipping.

What is your return policy?

15% restock fee if items are new and undamaged. 

- If an item has a maximum amount allowed for ordering, when can I order more?

The limits place on any items are generally meant to be a weekly limit for ordering purposes.  Don't attempt to order multiple orders in a row to get around it, as we will hold any such orders till the following week.

- I want to request something not normally on the site or special instructions for the order, what do I do?

When you are checking out, in step 4 of the checkout process you will see a checkbox to attach a "gift message" to the order.  Simply check that box and you can write in any comments along with your order.

- How do I check stock status of an item?

All items listed in our catalog are generally in stock at the moment you order, but we never gaurantee stock availability.  As it takes orders 2-3 business days normally to process an order, there are always going to be orders in front of yours that are left to process that might get the last of an item before your order reaches the warehouse.  Also note, we get orders 24/7 through fax as well as taking orders by phone order, and local walk ins.  We update the website constantly and as frequent as we can, but we simply can not give a gaurantee to stock availability.  Do not sell products you currently don't have on hand because of this, as we take no responsibility for a customer selling items which they physically don't possess.

- Do you do retail sales to the public?

As mentioned multiple times on this site, we do not sell to the public.  We are wholesale only supplier who sells to licensed retailers only.  As such when ordering we reserve the right to request a Vendors License or a Resale Tax Certificate copy as proof of business.  Within the state of Florida, these certificates are manditory for all customers.

- Various items will sometimes say that I can only order a certain maximum amount of it.  Why is that and why can't I order more?

These items are being limited to customers because we wish to insure that all customers have the opportunity to purchase them.  We have a large customer base with many dedicated vendors who have been with us over a decade whowe have to also protect by having product available.  If we did not put limits on certain products, various large clients would simply come in and purchase our entire stock of specific items leaving nothing more for other customers while, and since it takes time to restock from our suppliers we have to make sure we can supply everyone, including the little guys.  We are just trying to look out for everyone, especially the little guys.

 - How do the warmers and oil burners work?

The lamps feature a light bulb which creates heat, the heat warms up oil you place in a glass bowl or dish that sits on the lamp.  The dishes are removable for washing and changing the oil scent when a person wishes.  It's important to keep the lamps in a safe location away from children and pets cause the lamps can get hot, and to avoid spillage. 

- When I check out I get no shipping cost amounts and it states that it will be calculated and charged later?

Since we are wholesale we deal in large bulk shipments, the prices of shipping greatly vary as we use exact UPS ground rates.  UPS rates range greatly as they are based on number of boxes in a shipment, size of the boxes, individual weights, zip code being shipped too, and whether the address for shipment is commercial or residential.  We sell a large variety of items that range in size and weight so we can not give shipping quotes online.  We charge exact UPS rates, but if you require a shipping quote before shipping, you will need to contact us after ordering for someone to give you a shipping estimate.  This will potentially delay an order as we will have to calculate a rough estimate.  We can only provide estimates of shipping, not exact amounts.

- What happened to the VIP program?

The program has been discontinued due to lack of interest, we plan to move onto offering more limited time offers in the future.  Any previous VIP members will retain their discount on non sale aroma lamps though when requested, we will continue to honor that.

- Product that was previously available is no longer showing on your site, what happened?

When an item goes out of stock, we remove it from the website.  We do not take back orders.

- How long does shipping take?

All orders ship out UPS ground.  Shipments take 2-3 business days normally for processing before they ship.  During the holidays order volume increases and processing times can increase to 3-5 business days at times.  It's important to place your orders ahead of time and plan!

- Do you drop ship?

We do not drop ship.  If we believe you are attempting to drop ship your orders, we will cancel the order.

- What happens if I get an item broken in my shipment?

All UPS shipments are automatically insured as part of your shipping cost.  Items are checked before shipping so if anything breaks in transit, you will need to contact UPS to make an insurance claim.  Simply call UPS at 1-800-742-5877 with one of the tracking numbers of your shipments and ask to make a breakage claim.  UPS will then contact us with all the relevant claims paperwork to fill out for you so we can then attempt to process any credits to be applied to your account, applied on future orders.

- Do you do COD?

No, all orders must be paid for up front using a credit card.

- How long do I have to report defective or broken items?

Any claims must be made within 7 business days of receiving your order.

- May I use your images on my website?

You can, but only for use in representing our products.  Do not use our pictures if you are selling another manufacturers products.

- I log in and see that my order status is pending, what does this mean?

All orders are set as "pending" by default.  When an order is shipped, if you have given us an up to date email address, UPS will be sending you a shipping notice with a tracking #.

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