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The VIP Advantage

This is important information about the benefits offered by the new and improved L&V Creations VIP Advantage program, as well as it's purpose. L&V Creations is a family owned company that have been involved in the design and development of products for the aromatherapy industry. Our main focus has been on fragrance oils, incense, incense burners, and unique aroma lamps with over 19 years of experience in the field, and a customer base of over 1,800 regulars. It can be difficult serving such a large customer base on a daily basis, so we designed the VIP Program.

When we set up our oil production, we made the decision of instead of having one large machine that fills the bottles and labels, which is operated by one person, we chose to to have 4 machines. With two machines dedicated to labels and 2 machines to filling of bottles, we have four highly trained employees working our oil production at all times. What we do is rotate that personnel to learn how to prepare and pack orders, in that way we have more people preparing orders at all times with experience. Oil production and packaging takes training and experience, and it can take months for an employee to learn all the processes involved, so we simply can't just hire anyone off the street to jump in to boost production. Because of these things, the use of our workforce is delicate and important and those that are part of the VIP Program show a commitment to the work we put into keeping up our unique quality, and speeding up the packing of our orders. We know that our 100% pure alcohol free fragrance oils are the best on the US market at the best prices of $0.95 for 1/2oz. and $2.20 for 2oz.. Also our 24 hour soaked alcohol free incense is easily top tier. We offer a unique quality that your customers will appreciate, and those who show the appreciation of our quality will be rewarded.

To qualify for the VIP Advantage program, customers must be a current customer who purchase a reasonable amount of our line of Fragrance Oil products (0.5oz or 2oz. only) on a regular basis. You will then automatically qualify to be a VIP member, and all you need to do is give us a call or contact us to help set up your account. The reason for this, is because of the order processing setup that we have developed over the years here at L&V to help expedite your order.


VIP Members receive all these following benefits:

* Prioritized shipping during periods of high order volume. We take care of our valued VIP customers.

* Get exclusive special discounts on select items before anyone else.

* Occasional exclusive items for sale to VIP members only.

* We will on occasion send out specials to VIP only via email.

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