L&V Creations

The ORIGINAL creators of the Plug In Aroma Lamps!     

L&V Creations is a leader of the aromatherapy world who for almost two decades now has provided top quality oils and innovators when it has come to aroma lamps.  L&V pioneered the plug in style of aroma lamps, and our product lines have been proven successes for retail ventures.  We are a one stop shop for retailers to get their wholesale supplies.

  • Reliable Service
  • Competitive Prices

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What We Do

L&V Creations for over 19 years now has been bringing innovation and quality, that few can match in the aromatherapy world.  With one of the largest selections of electric oil lamps and our unique plug in aroma lamps, L&V offers customers a one stop shopping experience.  L&V has also developed a reputation for quality with our famous fragrance oils and premium incense.

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